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Interface Beginning

Starting to work on the interface for the game, the idea is that you are standing on the bridge of a large spaceship and looking through it's front "windows". I am modelling this in Maya, and it still needs some textures and other details but I think this is a good start.

That brings up a good point - what software am I using to make the game? :)

I am doing modelling in Maya, sculting (if any) in ZBrush, texture painting will be done in Substance Painter, and the game is being made with the Unreal Engine 4, AND I'll be using Unreal's Blueprint system for all of the game functionality.

Blueprints are one of the ways in Unreal Engine that you can "Code" game functionality. It's a visual scripting system that makes "Coding" very easy. Here's an example of some Blueprint Nodes. This picture is all it takes to Show the Inventory screen and call the animation of it sliding in when the player presses the "I" key. Blueprint scripting is VERY cool!

Colony (Space Exploration Game)

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