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Update #2

Just an update on progress... Since I'm a one man show I have to try and divide my efforts accross many areas, this week I've been working on some 3D models and some behind the scenes blueprinting. There's not going to be a lot of models in the game really, but I wanted to have at least one cut scene where your ship the "Ark" is travelling away from Earth. So I modelled the shapeship :) Here's a look at the ship in the game - although it might not every really make it IN the game, I thought it'd be cool to render a shot in Unral Engine 4 :) - it's not too bad, I need to work on my modelling skills though! 


On the Blueprint side of things I have worked out the "Elements" system, basically I am going to have all of the elements set up in a Custom Struct called "Element", and the various areas that need it will have an array of the "Element" Struct

The Element struct looks like:

  • ElementID 
  • ElementName
  • ElementDescription
  • ElementPicture
  • Quantity

I figure I'll be using this Struct for setting up the base elements that are available in the game, your inventory, and also what elements are available on a given planet, so I added "Quantity" because at least two of the areas will be using it.

This may all change as the game develops :)



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