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Update #3

Hey everybody! Made some really good progress over the weekend! 

  1. Worked out the Planet Class - The Planet class is a Blueprint that will be randomly generated across the galaxy, each planet will have a random texture and size, random number of elements, and a random style of life (or no life at all)
  2. Worked out randomly generating planets - at the start of the game a specified number of planets are randomly generated at random locations across the galaxy - since each planet also randomly generates it's own elements and life each game will really be totally unique.
  3. Planet "Discovered" indication - I wanted to have a way to make sure that you know you've discovered a planet or not, for now, when you discover a planet, I put a blue ring around the planet that makes the planet easier to see from a distance to mark it.

Here's a few screenshots!

Colony (Space Exploration Game)

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