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Update #4

Here's a quick update!

I've worked out the system for storing Alien Life forms, their description and whether or not they are hostile, advanced, etc... Again I've used a custom Struct similar to the Elements and when generating a planet I grab a random Alien Life form to put on the planet. Now I just need to make up a few hundred alien races and we're good! :)

I've also started cleaning up my Blueprints a little using Functions. Functions are a way to split off a chunk of nodes and put them in their on little section, leaving just the one node in the main Blueprint. It's also a good way to reuse nodes in several places, for instance if I needed to use the code to set the Alien Race text for a planet, or grab a random element, I could put that functionality in a Function and call it in several places. Pretty cool :)

Here's a shot of my "Set Alien Race Text" function...


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