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Update #7

Hey everybody! Still workin on this! :) 

Today I worked out what I think is a pretty cool behind the scenes update - I worked out loading all of the planet data from a CSV file. I know it doesn't sound like much but it's a huge help to me on the back end because I can now edit the list of planets that are in the game in an easy to use editor like Excel rather then trying to edit all the data in the Engine (which is a one by one kind of thing)

For those geeks out there that want to know how I did it. Basically I edit the CSV in Excel and when you import that into the Unreal Engine you have to pick the structure that it's based on, I picked the planet structure that I already created and it creates a data table inside the bame that can be accessed via blueprints. 

Rather than re-write ALL the code that generates the planets, I then copy the data from the data table into the already existing array of planets to choose from when generating the planets for the game.

Boom - done :)

And because I think pictures of blueprints look cool - here's how I copy the data from the data table into the array :)

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